Designed by ATPL
Manufacturers of Process Control Instruments

Type: Micro Controller Based
Modes: Measure and Source (Calibrate)
J, K, R, T, B, E, N Thermocouples and PT-100 RTD measure and simulate in C or F
Automatic or Manual Cold Junction Compensation (0.0 to 60.0 C)
Volts (0.00 to 200.00 mV), (0 to 2.000 V)
Miliamps (0.000 to 25.000)
High accuracy: 0.05% of FS 1 counts (except ohms)
LCD display
All the function of Calibrator can be done by front Membrane Keys
Ni-cad 6 batteries Pack for 4 hours operation on single charge
Battery Charger Adaptor Included
Display Rate: 3 reading per second
Source Mode Update Rate: 10 Steps per Second
Internal ADC Scanning Rate: 15 Samples Per Second
ADC Resolution: 16-bits (24 bit Optional)
DAC Resolution: 16-bits