Designed by ATPL
Manufacturers of Process Control Instruments

     FEATURES :-
  Display           :  5 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) showed maximum 5 digital number
  Power Current :  Approx. DC 2.8mA (typical)
  Sensor Probe :  4-foot type "K" thermocouple bead probe (Teflon tape insulated).  
  Temperature Scale     :  Celsius or Fahrenheit, user-selectable
  Measurement Range  : -50.0 to 1300.0C or -58.0 to 2372.0F 
  Sensor Accuracy : 0.1%
  Resolution    : 0.1 C or 0.1 F        
  Functions     :  MAX/MIN/AVG/HOLD
  Input Protection: 60V DC or 24V AC maximum input voltage on any combination input pins.
  Reading Rate : 2.5 times per second.
  Input Connector : Accept standard miniature thermocouple connectors
  Dimensions   : 149mm(H)*71mm(W)*41mm(D)
  Supply          : Standard 9 VDC Battery (NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22)